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Purpose-full Executive Coaching, Team Development and Meeting Facilitation

Purpose informs what you do and how you do it. It’s the ‘why’ at your individual and company level. Global organizations require visionary leaders working for a shared purpose to ensure they are:

Sustainable – Agile – Resilient – Profitable — Fulfilling

Move from ‘driven’ to ‘purpose’ and you’ll see ripples of impact in your life and on those you lead.

Kim Moore is an ICF PCC credentialed coach who works with leaders to make a difference that’s good for the world and for their bottom line.

I help leaders, individuals and teams, around the world and at every level, access their potential and expand their emotional intelligence, which form the bedrock for many others intelligences required in agile leadership today.


1:1 Executive Coaching

One-to-one partnering for personal and professional development anchored in meaning and purpose.

KRMoore applies an inside - out approach that inspires leaders with bold plans for profitability and purpose and deepens their commitment to what matters most.

Team Development

Coaching for teams and groups to create the framework for great collaboration.

KRMoore helps align group members around shared purpose, drawing on their collective ideas, strengths and responsibilities to generate powerful outcomes.

Meeting Facilitation

An objective and effective process for open communication to meet goal-specific outcomes.

KRMoore provides skilled facilitation that sustains focus and energy, while creating an open environment in which to explore ideas, address concerns and accelerate possibility.

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“Kim is not only an excellent coach but also an experienced professional who understands the realities of running a business and working at the executive level with their clients”.

Managing Partner – Global Consulting Firm

“You asked me insightful questions about my goals until they were resonant and powerful.”

Screenwriter, Writer, Actress – Media and Film

“There is no one better at leading training events and working with teams to develop desired results.”

Director, Learning & Development – US Defense Industry


*The Guiding Principles used in my slideshow were developed by Coach U, and are the foundation of my coaching approach.
To view Coach U’s Guiding Principles click here
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