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Leadership development and executive coaching with insight, experience and empathy

Over 25 years’ experience in coaching and consulting with global company leaders has reinforced to Kim Moore, PCC that purpose is a greater motivator than profit alone.

Meet Kim Moore, Executive ICF Credentialed Coach at KRMoore and AssociatesThe simple drive for profits and pay checks isn’t what work is about. Motivation, innovation and striving for excellence comes from a place deeper than dollars. Most of us, at our core, are working to leave this world better for future generations.

Regardless of industry, address or size – organizations that act on purpose, know their story and live their vision can achieve stronger business outcomes and leave a legacy of positive change.

Through coaching, I partner with leaders and teams to help them achieve the goals and purpose full outcomes they most want. I support clients in developing an understanding of emotional intelligence as a basis for connecting with the ‘why’ of choices – helping them to then be more artful when connecting with others. Through coaching, clients gain new perspectives, increase empathy and intuition, and deepen their ability to use emotional intelligence and other internal resources to help them expand influence as leaders. This empowers leaders to feel prepared and capable of dealing with challenges and sustaining the professional and personal growth they desire.

PCC_WEBKim Moore is a PCC credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), with over 25 years’ experience supporting leaders, individuals and teams around the world. Kim’s energy and heartfelt, executive presence connects with leaders in Fortune 500 companies, small agencies and not-for- profit organizations. She has coached clients of all ages from millennials to boomers in Kuwait, Warsaw, Dubai and London, across a multitude of industries including energy, engineering, aerospace, communications, manufacturing, insurance, entertainment, hospitality and government contracting.

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Years of executive coaching, team development and leader development with senior leaders and high potential millennials equips Kim Moore, PCC with a consultative approach and coaching expertise that’s relevant.

Most leaders understand that integrating purpose beyond profit can help their organization sustain growth and retain the innovation, energy and loyal intentions of their workforce. Having an experienced coaching partner work alongside them to help expand perspectives, build trust, and facilitate action is a valuable asset in this process.

Not only was Kim able to help my leaders and me through existing challenges, she prepared us with the tools to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. From management to VP, Kim’s words still help me today to be successful.

Senior Director, VP IT Infrastructure, Global Services Company

Starting with purpose, Kim Moore, PCC, coaches leaders and teams so they build capacity to sustain improved outcomes that benefit more stakeholders.

Industry Experience

Kim Moore, KRMoore & AssociatesMy consulting and coaching career goes deep into the complex functional groups of many industries. From a base in Houston, Texas, I’m surrounded by both global headquarters and a large network of senior level leaders of many ages, cultures and languages. Coaching and consulting has allowed me to work around the world extensively and in the various streams of the petro-chemical and energy business, and in engineering, construction.

Most recently, I’ve been privileged to coach individuals and teams in the services, hospitality, entertainment, insurance and manufacturing industries. Prior to professional consulting and coaching, I held leadership roles in global and private banking business, honing skills in risk assessment, funding and managing domestic operations and financing international exports for clients with privately held and large public companies. This experience provided me insight and strong business acumen when partnering with leaders of any level, from executives to entrepreneurs – and their teams.

Out of respect for these companies and in keeping with the ICF Code of Ethics, the specific names of these companies and their leaders are not publicly listed here but can be requested and with permission, shared.

Education and Credentials

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Kim Moore, PCC, M.S., coaches leaders to align their behaviors and strategies to a shared purpose that helps generate expanded outcomes for the company, employees and a broad group stakeholders.


We’ve worked with Kim for almost 10 years, and she is the only outside leadership development professional we consider. It’s an honor to recommend her.

Director, Learning & Development – US Global Defense Company


Kim is a powerfully positive force that is capable of holding space for you during the toughest of situations and makes you feel empowered to bring your best self forward.

Founder, Professional Services Company

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