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Some say that attitude is everything – mix it with an ample portion of skills, IQ and EQ and attitude accelerates performance. We think of attitude as ‘contagious’ – whether positive or negative – we know it spreads. Lou Holtz, inspirational coach of six champion teams and inductee to the USA College Football Hall of… Read the full post

Humans have a need to cooperate that runs back to our ancestors, when to be isolated would mean death. Second to individual survival is the importance of tribal survival, which depends on a mutual feeling of dependency and commitment among a group. Despite our self-centric tendencies, human beings are uniquely designed to thrive through shared… Read the full post

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand your emotions and use this ability to manage your behaviors and relationships. Leaders with higher EQ are better equipped for making wise decisions under pressure and rapid change. EQ is a lens that great leaders use to strengthen awareness and influence others - for positive personal and organizational… Read the full post

Gratitude Matters

Feeling grateful supports many of our best capabilities and qualities. Especially when gratitude translates to actions that are good for relationships and the world around us, its potency is compounded. Gratitude and the related emotions of appreciation and thankfulness have been experienced for as long as humans have gazed at the cosmos, celebrated the sunrise… Read the full post

Resilient, motivated and a complex thinker - these were just a few of the qualities listed on the assessment report of an executive I was coaching. Additionally, input from peers added ‘enterprise thinker, strategic leader, decisive, calm in chaos, situationally astute and dedicated’ to the list. Armed with these capabilities, when asked at an initial… Read the full post

Leadership Challenge: Engage or Exhaust?

Recently, I was puzzled when a senior leader mentioned they saw the most formidable risk to achieve the company’s exponential growth was to successfully re-engage the remote workforce. Having weathered layoffs and a reorganization they were well-positioned for growth. Why did their lens zoom in on this human element as a risk for immediate growth… Read the full post

Runaway Mind Train

Assumptions. We all have them, and we tend to transfer those assumptions onto unfamiliar faces, unknown situations, and outcomes that we feel are uncontrollable. I totally get that. I catch myself doing this all the time. Today, for example. I awoke this morning planning to go in for my annual and routine blood tests. This… Read the full post

millennials learn

The best employees are the ones who want to learn and improve both their skills and themselves. A passion for learning is something that, on the whole, Millennials have in spades. Many publications consider them to be almost overeducated! Those kinds of dismissive thoughts and opinions are frankly ridiculous. Who doesn’t want a well-educated, well-rounded… Read the full post

By December, many of us have submitted financial projections, targets, and goals for 2017. As individual and group performance goals get disseminated, we live amid the tension of reward for what’s been and planning what’s needed to meet our projected goals. With this elaborate goal setting process, it’s not uncommon to hear clients admit to… Read the full post

  Now that rapid change in the world has become the norm, learning how to be our best under pressure has become vital and a way of life. Today, we have to be open to change in order to maintain our relationships and enjoy the quality of every moment. We all need to have a… Read the full post

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