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millennials learn

The best employees are the ones who want to learn and improve both their skills and themselves. A passion for learning is something that, on the whole, Millennials have in spades. Many publications consider them to be almost overeducated! Those kinds of dismissive thoughts and opinions are frankly ridiculous. Who doesn’t want a well-educated, well-rounded… Read the full post

By December, many of us have submitted financial projections, targets, and goals for 2017. As individual and group performance goals get disseminated, we live amid the tension of reward for what’s been and planning what’s needed to meet our projected goals. With this elaborate goal setting process, it’s not uncommon to hear clients admit to… Read the full post

  Now that rapid change in the world has become the norm, learning how to be our best under pressure has become vital and a way of life. Today, we have to be open to change in order to maintain our relationships and enjoy the quality of every moment. We all need to have a… Read the full post

Sometimes you discover an article that describes what you see happening in the world of leadership and companies, but had yet to find words for. It’s a wonderful thing when it happens! A few days ago, in an article shared by one of my favorite weekly newsletters by Sustainable Brands, writer Giles Hutchins brilliantly described… Read the full post

“If I have seen further, it is only because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton One of the greatest scientific rivalries of the modern era produced this, one of the best known quotes in history. Sir Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity, and Robert Hooke, a genius polymath… Read the full post


For years, mentoring has meant that a senior manager or executive would take a younger employee under their wing and teach them the ins and outs of the business. This is still an essential practice that imparts valuable knowledge to the next generation. However, in today’s business world, the system requires a little tweaking. Millennials… Read the full post

Children are our future. It’s a very old saying, and on the surface it’s ridiculously obvious. Of course hildren are our future! We look at the generation below us and know that they will soon be the ones in charge because we were once in their shoes. But here’s where that falls apart… On the… Read the full post

Multi-tasking is so much more than a skill in our society--its basic survival. We often have so many things on the go that we need to be able to focus on more than one task at any given time. If you’re on your computer, for example, you can jump between two different projects with ease… Read the full post

Building Resilience

Building Resilience by Kim Moore at

Having coached several hundred leaders over that last decade, I’m amazed at the impact that seriously tough and unexpected life events can have on their lives. As an executive coach, I observe there are two types of leaders: those that drop inward and don’t or can’t dig out, and those that go inward and find… Read the full post

Kim Moore - What Millennials Allow Us to Do Better

Millennials get a lot of unfair bad press. The media often dismisses them as entitled, whiny, and lazy, especially when compared to previous generations. The truth is that Millennials in the workplace have a variety of strengths that others do not. When properly motivated, their strengths can be harnessed and they can help to push… Read the full post

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