Change: The Non-binary of Self Evolution

The reality of change saturates our every day.  

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From the materialization of a 21st century pandemic to Kanye West running for president of the United States, our expectations of tomorrow are shattered by the reality of unforeseen developments and shifting trends of today. 

Often, we have little say over whether changes will occur, both small and large. We individually cannot control whether another colleague becomes sick, leaving extra work on our desks, nor can we control a power surge that wipes all of the computers in our offices clean.

What We Can Control is How We Choose to Allow Change to Manifest in Us 

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As mentioned in my last post, our brains pine for certainty. We are wired to see and seek familiar patterns while dispelling those which disrupt our individual stability. While our human fabric may preclude us from seeking out change, we have the full capacity to adapt to abnormal circumstances, absorb change, and find a better alternative to the world we knew before.

When faced with the question of whether to register change as a threat or opportunity, we weigh the potential of change by pros and cons while ignoring the truth that change is merely something different than what previously existed. To project the potential outcomes of our decisions, choice should not be painted in the binary seen as a win or loss.

Making a choice to embrace change is rather a starting point for infinite options; the end result is neither good nor bad but one alternative to another. 

I saw this come to fruition recently when my partner and I opted to leave our home in the thick of the Texas summer heat and mounting COVID-19 cases for somewhere a little more north and a lot more green.

Hesitant to head north given our home’s proximity to a renowned medical centre, the coffee maker we love, and the community around our street, we felt confused. Unsure. Worried. We knew we’d avoid all people — still isolated together with a world of green around us. But what was the trade-off? Was it worth it to leave?

When the decision came, it took a shift in mindset from my side; a recognition of the opportunity to explore a new part of the country rather than the fear of losing what I had. 

The next time you reach a proverbial crossroad, choose to see the potential for change as an opportunity for something new. See it as simply another path to the life we now lead.

Change is our forward action towards an alternative today.

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