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Offerings KRMoore & Associates, Houston based PCC Executive Coach

Hire Kim Moore for Executive Coaching, Leadership, Team Development, or Meeting Facilitation

Sustainable, profitable businesses have an external impact that is rooted in an internal commitment: to do their best for each other, shareholders, customers and to create a better world. It looks like:

Visionary leaders, at every level, stepping up and inspiring from an authentic care for those they lead.

Organizations of every size using profits to operate with integrity, courage and compassion, and using art and science to connect with each other and deliver results for all stakeholders.

High-performance teams, operating from anywhere and everywhere, bring energy and innovation to what they contribute to the company, their customers and the planet that sustains them.

Our work together, one-to-one or with your workgroups, will accelerate leadership and team growth by helping connect and align with purpose.

Kim is an excellent coach, and an experienced professional who understood the realities of running a business and working at the executive level. She is a rare combination: both coach and seasoned, professional business person.

Managing Partner, Private Consulting Firm

Executive Coaching

Team Development

Meeting Facilitation

As a leader focused on making a difference …if you’ve found yourself wondering….

  • How can I motivate those around me to want to bring their best to work each day?
  • How can I quickly align and connect with a multigenerational and cultural team?
  • How can I build clarity and trust amid constantly changing directives?
  • How can I draw on a multitude of strengths and knowledge more clearly, getting faster results?
  • How do I help the board give value to the importance of alignment to purpose and sustain the growth and welfare of our employees, customers and the broader community?

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