Team Workshops

 Due to COVID precautions, this service is not currently available. 

Team Workshops

Your team can achieve more together – it starts with you.

Your team deserves your best. But how can you find productive solutions to common team roadblocks? Kim’s team workshop service can provide clarity, structure, and growth, energizing the group dynamic and inspiring productivity.

Kim consults with the team leader to identify potential issues and gaps in knowledge or support, and then designs and delivers customized workshops. Workshops are designed to deepen understanding between team members and improve communication, addresses needs and strengths, and creates a shared commitment to actionable goals.

Kim’s workshops use an appreciative inquiry approach, facilitating positive and solution-focused team building through customized group exercises and one-on-one discussions. Together, team members build their aptitude for:

  • Building a shared mission, vision, and goals
  • Effective communication
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Strengthening team engagement and resilience
  • Growing trust

Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Book a discovery call with Kim to shape the coaching process and find the format that’s right for you and your group
  2. Choose a three, six- or nine-month coaching option with customized specifics
  3. Start achieving your goals

 Due to COVID precautions, this service is not currently available. 


Create your compelling roadmap and get going!


Travel forward towards your goals with like minded colleagues.

Team workshops with KRMoore And Associates


Tackle obstacles and build the trust needed for high performance.