Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Even the most experienced senior executives can benefit from the refining process of coaching. One-on-one executive coaching with Kim Moore is a transformative journey, giving you focused time and tools to explore what’s happening inside and around you. Broaden your perspectives, deepen your commitment, and relentlessly attack what matters to you with a candid and straightforward partner by your side.

Executive coaching is an investment with the potential for incredible returns if you’re willing to do the work. Over the course of a few months, you can make significant strides toward a real and lasting impact and doing what matters most to you. Rather than hand-holding or micromanaging, Kim comes alongside her clients and gives them a new perspective to see themselves and their power. With Kim’s coaching style, executives uncover their own depth and become better equipped to stand in their purpose, values, and strength.

As you progress through the coaching process, Kim measures progress, recalibrates and adjusts your coaching plan, and celebrates successes with you. With the support of key stakeholders, you move forward and begin reaching your biggest goals. Throughout, Kim is your challenger, your fan, your thought and accountability partner, and your ally. Coaching with Kim is a collaboration, and it culminates with your success.

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Curious About The Process?

How Does Coaching Work?

✔ Sign a Coaching Agreement: Schedule a combination of virtual or in-person coaching sessions to keep a steady growth pace with support and momentum.

✔ Craft a coaching plan: Your plan will include clear and motivating goals, progress measurements, and desired outcomes. You’ll identify key stakeholders to invite at the outset, midway, and conclusion of the coaching to support you through sharing observations of your effort. Their feedback and support at key points are invaluable for awareness, action, and continuous improvement.

✔ Seek Kim’s support between sessions as needed: You’ll find that her empathy, experience, and coaching skills help you quickly dive in, get clear on what you want and go after it. Between sessions, you’ll follow up on the commitments and actions you designed into your coaching plan.

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