Managing Partner - Global Consulting Firm, Canada

Kim is an excellent coach and an experienced professional who understands the realities of running a business and working at the executive level with her clients. She is a rare combination of a globally credentialed coach and a seasoned, professional businessperson.

Kim’s depth of listening, supported by her business acumen, distinguished her value for me. In addition, Kim’s authenticity, honesty, and practicality shine through in her presence. It is virtually impossible to be with her without learning something important about yourself and your leadership. Kim offers a rare combination of experience, professionalism, and depth.

Chief Executive Officer - Renewables and Environment Company, France

Kim’s coaching helped me to dig deeper into what was most important to me professionally and personally. This work aligned my professional career, core values and focused my efforts in becoming CEO of a start-up company in energy transition alongside a great company with whom I’ve worked for 28 years. Throughout the coaching engagement, Kim was a sounding board and focused advisor.

Executive - Global Insurance Company

Kim was knowledgeable, caring, and competent. She was able to communicate in an effective method to get the point across. She ignites the leader in you.

Director, Talent & Culture Development - Defense & Space Industry

We’ve worked with Kim for over a decade and she’s the only outside leadership development professional we consider when our inside team needs reinforcement. Bottom line: There is no-one better. It’s an honor to recommend her for coaching our leaders.

Senior Leader - Top Ranked Law School in Texas

Kim helped me focus on areas where I was successful and areas where I needed to develop, which kept me from spinning my wheels in a new role. With Kim's help, I looked at my own actions objectively. I’d recommend her to anyone for coaching.

Head of Enterprise Marketing - Global Tech Company

Kim was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Through her perceptive and thoughtful coaching, she helped me gain clarity and perspective around my professional goals. I wouldn't be in the position that I'm in today without Kim.

Senior Director IT - Global Services

Anyone can read a book or get advice from a class, but a leadership coach like Kim is able to help you identify the struggles and support you through them. From senior manager to executive, coaching with Kim has helped equip me for continued success.

Director, Creative Services - Regional Broadcasting Station

I was qualified for a promotion but inside was struggling with imposter syndrome. Through coaching with Kim, I gained confidence in my qualifications and gained skills in addressing insecurities. Kim has a knack for letting me generate the solutions to my own questions through thoughtful conversations. I so appreciate getting to coach with Kim!

Vice President - Global Pharmaceutical Company

My new role wouldn’t be possible without the confidence Kim helped me build! I found my voice and established a new role aligned with my overall goals.

Entrepreneur - Talent and Culture Development

Kim is very present and asks questions that invite deep reflection. I gained more confidence in who I am as well as what and how I contribute. Kim is a powerful, positive force that is capable of holding space for you during the toughest of situations. I felt empowered in bringing my best self forward.

Screenwriter, Novelist, Writer – Los Angeles, CA

Kim’s insightful questions helped my goals become resonant, powerful and laid out in a manner compelling for me. Kim speaks life, truth and is an exquisite gift as a coach.

Manager, Drilling Sales & Services - Global Energy Company

Kim’s vast network and business experience helped me identify new leadership skills and networks. Her dedication to my success was evident. I strongly recommend Kim for anyone looking to develop executive presence.

Writer - England

There were several areas of life in which I had contradictory or self-defeating thoughts. Kim’s coaching helped me see the logical and emotional discrepancies in my interpretation of values and work. This was highly valuable!