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Executive Coaching with KRMoore & Associates, Texas

Executive Coaching

Access your leadership potential and accelerate sustainable success

The gift of 25 years in consulting and coaching with Fortune 500 and other large organizations is the opportunity to forge a community of talented colleagues, and coach hundreds of brilliant leaders – in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas. I’ve seen strong leaders struggle as morale plummeted and the ‘do more with less’ strategies bent the backs and budgets of global teams. As your coach, I partner with you to achieve your purpose.

By addressing the traditional disconnect between work and meaning, I partner with clients to help them create a more engaging and sustainable culture while growing profits.

Coaching connects leaders with clarity and purpose. It coaxes out a leader’s strengths, self-awareness and emotional intelligence so he/she can accelerate achievement and develop a blueprint for personal and professional fulfillment. Coaching sharpens empathy and expands opportunities for connection and communication at a level that inspires and motivates others.

Within the client-coach partnership, clients find that my objectivity, powerful questions, challenge, support, and commitment encourages them to spot unconscious roadblocks, choose new perspectives, and align their behaviors to meaning and value.

Kim’s authenticity and honesty shine through in her presence. She inspires that level of authenticity and honesty in return, and it is virtually impossible to be with her without learning something important about yourself and your leadership. Kim offers a rare combination of experience, professionalism and depth.

Founder, Small Business Owner

Defining purpose and authentic leadership has been the crux in addressing the big questions of my clients such as:

  • I’ve built and sold companies, made money and developed talent. Now what?
  • I’m well paid but I can’t sustain this pace. Isn’t there a better way to work?
  • I’ve got other interests and experiences that aren’t being tapped into – how do I bring more of me to my profession?
  • I’m not seeing eye-to-eye with my team. How do I realize the potential we have?
  • I feel like those around me get promoted while I do all the heavy lifting. What am I doing wrong?

Over the course of our coaching sessions, I was struck by how powerful my intentions and goals can be when they are laid out in a compelling way. Kim asked me insightful questions until my goals were resonant and powerful. She taught me that dreaming big and committing 100% means total responsibility, honesty, compassion, and resolve.  Kim speaks life, truth and is an exquisite gift as a coach.

Screenwriter, Novelist, Actor, 

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Executive Coaching that fits your timing and goals

The foundation of my coaching builds on the neuroscience of our brain wiring and building practices that support your goals as a leader.

Coaching requires skills and presence to help clients discover solutions and generate new capabilities. My practice is informed by years of experience, adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics, and is dynamically and continually shaped by Coach U’s 9 Guiding Principles.™

Through a series of 30, 50 or 90 minute conversations over a three to six-month period, you’ll have opportunity to:

  • Create an overarching plan that includes timelines, challenges and specific session goals
  • Develop a purpose statement that aligns with role, organizational and individual values and is authentic
  • Discover through reflection, observation, and shifting perspectives solutions and strategies that move your forward
  • Integrate feedback from corporate and community sources to harness feedforward learning
  • Commit disciplined and goal-oriented actions
  • Acknowledge and retain learning, and continue growth through reflection and work between sessions
  • Achieve your leadership goals and more – on purpose.

Coaching terms, resources and assessments will vary; frequency recommended is no less than every three weeks.

As a result of coaching, clients say they have…

  • A deeper level of self-knowledge and connection with what matters, which guides them in tough situations
  • A keener ability to self-assess, evaluate situations and more quickly choose how to show up
  • Been able to achieve what they want on a more direct path and with less resistance
  • An improved ability to manage their behaviors and show up to inspire others
  • Increased confidence in making requests of others and being artful in responses
  • More clarity and conviction in taking action on immediate goals, purposes
  • A more regular practice of reflection and connection with their ‘why’ so that their ‘who’ is more integral to what they do and how they show up

Kim is very present. With her eloquent way of asking questions, I experienced quite a few Aha! moments. I’ve learned how to bring forward questions and observations in a way that invites deeper reflection. This deeper level of confidence shows up in how I speak too. I feel much more grounded in who I am as well as what and how I contribute.

Business owner

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Coaching as an Emerging Industry

As an emerging industry, coaching can be confused with seemingly similar professions. So that expectations for client growth and outcomes are understood and embraced by client leaders and their sponsoring companies, let’s understand some key differences:

    1. Coaching is different than consulting that comes to diagnose, prescribe and implement answers. Coaching honors the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole. With this foundation, and harnessing the 9 Guiding Principles in every aspect of my practice, I partner with you to:

      1.  discover and clarify what you most want to achieve;
      2. encourage your self-discovery in and between sessions;
      3. generate solutions and strategies; and
      4. help hold you accountable, while championing and encouraging you throughout the engagement and beyond.

    2. Coaching is different than mentoring or teaching that’s based on giving advice, counsel or linear training that presumes a formulaic approach. Your goals, purpose, capabilities and qualities determine the coaching plan that emerges to best support your timeline and objectives.

    3. Coaching is different than therapy that seeks to resolves past and emotional issues. We will be future-focused, emphasizing action, accountability and the realization of capabilities beyond where you start.

There were several areas in my life where I had contradictory or self-defeating thought processes I had been unaware of, until they came up in coaching with Kim. Through our continued coaching, she gently allowed me to see –the logical and emotional discrepancies my interpretation of values and thinking about work my thinking. This was highly valuable!

Director and Writer, London, England

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