The Importance of Attitude

Attitude Accelerates Performance

We think of attitude as ‘contagious’ – whether positive or negative – we know it spreads.

Lou Holtz, inspirational coach of six champion teams and an inductee to the USA College Football Hall of Fame has said:

Attitude unleashes the energy needed to approach tasks, situations, and relationships and is especially important the riskier and more complex they feel. How we perceive a situation impacts how we feel and the attitude we bring in dealing with it*.

When coaching leaders, we explore what’s driving a specific perception and approach to particularly important situations.  Often, we uncover unconscious biases that have them already persuaded to see the relationship or situations as a threat. From here, we get to consciously move it towards the opportunities that are truly meaningful and worth the ‘risk’.

Attitude is often a signal of what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. When we look at the beliefs that unconsciously dictate our perceptions, we can address any misconceptions and biases and more consciously choose what works for us. Choice normally begins to shift the balance from a more fearful, to a more confident approach.  This also does wonders for attitude.

Given that a positive attitude has a beneficial impact on individual and team performance, what can leaders do to strengthen it?  There are at least four individual practices that enable leaders to deepen awareness, address unconscious perceptions, restore and recharge –  which together have a huge pay off in attitude:

What can leaders do to increase a positive attitude in those they influence? Since a positive attitude is infectious – being an example is foundational.  A positive attitude grounded in solid individual practice builds in us an approach to life as always, the opportunity.  It beckons us with those we work and live towards deeper listening, from which learning and adaptation and growth can follow.

As we approach the remaining part of the 2018 with its opportunities, support your attitude with practice.

Remember each day to pause and

  • Breathe deeply
  • Be grateful
  • Believe in what’s possible
  • Be willing to work
  • Be purposefully positive

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*Additional information on the brain under pressure and women, in particular, can be found at

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