Goal Setting: What’s Possible?

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Goal Setting

  • To achieve this possibility, how will I move towards it?
  • What might be different when it happens? What is this worth to me/us?
  • Who, or what comes with us, and what respectfully needs to be left behind?
  • Who or what is needed? For us? For any new stakeholders?
  • Assess if actions are moving us towards our goal or distracting us from it? Is something else happening?
  • What is in place to acknowledge your progress?

As an avid mountain hiker, it’s often the vista from the top that takes my breath away. This type of approach to future planning allows us to catch a glimpse of our desired future – akin to seeing the view from the mountaintop. The value and meaning we attach to this view serves to catalyst the journey – and helps sustain us through the sweat, discomfort, misunderstandings, challenges, and long-term effort required to reach the top. In this approach, it’s important that we initially suspend what’s required to reach our goals, so we deeply anchor and commit to what we truly desire. Should we observe that we are lacking motivation or a sense of ‘stuckness’ surfaces, we can call on this vision from the vista – like a compass – to get us moving on the trail again. The compelling vision of what’s possible can truly take us to the mountaintop.

As we approach the beginning of a new year, let’s reflect on what we’ve learned, and with gratitude, set our goals for the trail ahead by asking – what’s possible?

Anticipating your best year yet!

Have a story about goal setting? I’d love to hear it and help further learning on this topic as well as hear your good news!

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