The Power of a Private Life

“There are many dimensions of political life – love, contempt, war – all of which are real but none of which have the power of the love that is possible in private.”  

There is much that can be said but doesn’t need to be about the recent events surrounding our country’s leadership. Many of us went inward – stepping away from the churn.  The inner, private life and all that truly is for most of us, is the place that looks different than the public storm. It was, and remains, a place in which we connect with the inner sanctum of decency, courage, love, and commitment to people, values, and actions which look more like the democracy we savor than recent displays of cultish savagery. 

Reflection and Growth

In anticipation of and belief in the beautiful (and sometimes broken) human condition – the coach asks their client to create a similar practice of going inward to face what’s blocking their forward action.  Often, the most naked reflection is what we most want to deny. In judging others we attach the same judgment to ourselves. The psychological safeguard of denial blocks us from seeing our own complacency and complicity in the same behaviors for which we judge others. 

A trusted coach, using reflective inquiry, is willing to see this reflection and without judgment, gaze with the client honestly, and boldly and compare this ‘now’  with ‘that’ which they most deeply desire. It is only when we are willing to look at what is true, and real about ourselves, without judgment, that we can begin to grow.

In coaching and life – being willing to honestly see something is part of the transformation. 

If our country had a coach – I’d hope that a similar invitation is offered to grow.” Come and see who you really are and what you are really doing.” Without judgment, and standing together, we’d be doing what makes us stronger, more compassionate, and building towards a place of liberty and justice for all.  If you wish to read more of an invitation to private life to fuel action outwardly, enjoy In Praise for Private Life.  

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Kim Moore

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