Reflectionas a noun stands for something or someone able to send back light, heat, sound or any energy without absorbing it.  

Coaching offers clients an unbiased view of their actions and stated intentions so they can more clearly see themselves.

Reflectionas a verb is a unique human activity and powerful dimension of our enrichment and learning.

Coaching invites clients to reflect on what it is they truly want and generate the means to achieve it. 

Reflectiveas an adjective is an emotional, mental state in which we find ourselves and others when we’re considering the meaning of our experience and information within the context of a specific perspective.  

Coaching continues to show me how to complete and resourceful we are when we continually reflect, refine, and take action. We change the future. 

Here’s to closing the year and taking time for reflection, refreshing, and reunion with who and what matters most to you. 

I’m grateful for your support and hope we stay connected and bring an open heart and growth mindset to 2021. 

Kim Moore
Executive Coach

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Kim Moore

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