they are the future!

Due to a number of factors such as the job market, the housing market, the dating scene, and the media constantly telling them they are lazy, Millennials have trouble seeing themselves in positions of authority and “adulthood.” They measure themselves against their parents who, in their 20s, were probably married with a house and two cars. In today’s world, it’s difficult for a Millennial to live up to that. Because they subconsciously don’t think that they “measure up,” it can be difficult for them to see themselves in senior leadership positions. Their internal answer to the standard interview question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is “I have no idea…” For the good of the future, this mindset must be conquered and rejected!

Companies can help combat this challenge by helping Millennials to transition into the positions of authority that they’ll one day hold. If it doesn’t look like there’s any possibility of advancement, many younger employees won’t be as engaged. It isn’t just a matter of keeping them happy—it’s a matter of showing them that they have a future. Someday, when Millennials realize this, there’ll be no stopping them!

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