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Empathy.  What is it – and why is it a crucial skill of leaders? “Empathy is the capacity to sense, and to respond with appropriate emotion and action to another’s emotion and thinking.  It involves the ability to imagine what another person is experiencing from within the context of their mental, emotional and physical. “… Read more

What is it about feedback that can feel so bad? Just the word makes us cringe.  Unfortunately, many of our experiences with getting feedback haven’t been pleasant or productive; so we avoid giving it and detest getting.  Helping develop others is a fundamental skill of leadership – yet we practice it annually or monthly –… Read more

February in Texas shows signs that spring is in the air – red buds in deep pink buds bursting on branches and bright green grass pushing through brown winter grass. On top of this season are Valentine’s commercials showing clingy couples exchanging gifts and …my personal favorite are pastures blanketed soon in wild flowers dodging wobbly… Read more

Gratitude Matters

Feeling grateful supports many of our best capabilities and qualities. Especially when gratitude translates to actions that are good for relationships and the world around us, its potency is compounded. Gratitude and the related emotions of appreciation and thankfulness have been experienced for as long as humans have gazed at the cosmos, celebrated the sunrise… Read more

Resilient, motivated and a complex thinker – these were just a few of the qualities listed on the assessment report of an executive I was coaching. Additionally, input from peers added ‘enterprise thinker, strategic leader, decisive, calm in chaos, situationally astute and dedicated’ to the list. Armed with these capabilities, when asked at an initial… Read more

Runaway Mind Train

Assumptions. We all have them, and we tend to transfer those assumptions onto unfamiliar faces, unknown situations, and outcomes that we feel are uncontrollable. I totally get that. I catch myself doing this all the time. Today, for example. I awoke this morning planning to go in for my annual and routine blood tests. This… Read more

The best employees are the ones who want to learn and improve both their skills and themselves. A passion for learning is something that, on the whole, Millennials have in spades. Many publications consider them to be almost overeducated! Those kinds of dismissive thoughts and opinions are frankly ridiculous. Who doesn’t want a well-educated, well-rounded… Read more

Sometimes you discover an article that describes what you see happening in the world of leadership and companies, but had yet to find words for. It’s a wonderful thing when it happens! A few days ago, in an article shared by one of my favorite weekly newsletters by Sustainable Brands, writer Giles Hutchins brilliantly described… Read more

Children are our future. It’s a very old saying, and on the surface it’s ridiculously obvious. Of course hildren are our future! We look at the generation below us and know that they will soon be the ones in charge because we were once in their shoes. But here’s where that falls apart… On the… Read more

Something that we all strive for as individuals is excellence. Excellence in our work, our personal lives, and our ambitions. That pursuit of excellence is the goal of any workplace leader, because they want to help their employees reach their potential and excel in every aspect of their job. The goal of coaching and leadership… Read more

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